On the way back home, SA Air like you to check Ammo ( your hard plastic ammo box which you MUST have and it MUST be lockable ) separately from PE to Joberg, then in Joberg going back to the US, they like it back in that checked in luggage again. Some airlines may charge you for an extra bag if they want your ammo out of checked bag and you already have your max number of checked bags. TIA !!

Any wood, ostrich egg and animal parts ( bone/horn/hoof etc ) must go home with your Trophys as these items require veterinary and or export permits, i.e. you can't legally take them home with you when you fly home. There is a cost for the curios to be Fumigated and permits fee payable to our local Taxidermist.

We also have available for sale prime  game meat, biltong (for American readers, this is not the same thing as jerky) and Karoo lamb off the farm, but these products may not be taken home with you.

Now your safari is over, Pack your Ammo, boots and shoes inside towards the top of your bag for easy access. Once you get to the US you possibly be asked for your footwear so the U.S. folks can disinfect them.


returning home from your south african hunting safari

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