We offer over 40 species to hunt and have also listed some of the smaller unique animals you may see on your safari, see Other Species. ( this page is still under construction )

The most common game species here are :

Springbok, Blesbuck , Impala, Wildebeests ( black and blue) , Kudu ( the Cape variety which is smaller than the Greater Kudu ), Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Zebra , burchells and Mountain Reedbuck.

All Other species occur in good huntable numbers.

Some species are opportunistic / difficult to get and are taken but as incidentals, eg. Genet, Jackal.

The word 'Buck' or 'Bok' here means Antelope or Plains Game.

The smallest is the Blue Duiker, only 10 pounds and the Largest is the Eland, up to 2000 pounds.
Many species of birds and reptiles also occur here

The East Cape has a very appealing variety of terrain in each region :

The upper region, around 4000 feet, is called the Karoo, an old San word meaning dry place, which a frost area and is typified by the short stubby, aromatic smelling Karoo Bush, open plains cut by small tree lined seasonal streams, hills, thick bush and mountains. Most of the hunting takes please in this region as it carries the most game.

The middle region, around 2000 feet, is called valley bushveld, medium hills, scattered to thick bush in most places, frost free therefore evergreen.

( The lower region, coastal, is frost free, relatively flat, small open areas surrounded by very thick bush, higher rainfall and therefore, due to higher tick loads, the lowest number of species occur here, and we do not hunt that far away from our ranch )


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