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2017 South Africa Hunting Safari Summary :

Sean McCarter - 17 Trophys

Jeff Peart - 36 non trophys

Mickey Parent - 9 Trophys

Bobette Christensen - 15 Trophys and 4 non trophys

Brian Kirby - 65 non trophys and 2 Trophys

Sean Wilson - 38 non trophys and 8 Trophys

Joel Brannan - 17 non trophys and 1 Trophys

Per Jakobsen - 13 non trophys

Logan Sheets - 33 Trophys and 1 non trophy

Steve Finnessy - 19 Trophys

Tom Grass -

Frank D'Easaille -

Matt Susko -

Rhoads Stevens -

Steve Mogus -

Dave Smeltzer -

Cary McAfee -


2016 South Africa Hunting Safari Summary :

Mike Gleason - 11 Trophys

Dr Chowdry - 20 Trophys

Doug Lemke - 9 Trophys

Adam Tilson - 9 Trophys

Ben Lanford - 10 Trophys

Rick Hiltunen - 9 Trophys

Bob Bricker - 11 Trophys

Aaron Kitzmann - 3 Trophys

Mike Becher - 10 Trophys and 1 non trophy

Hein Hulshof - 2 Trophys

Dave Hoff - 1 Trophys and 20 non trophy

Edgar de Hart - 10 Trophys

Rhoads Stevens - 1 Trophy and 51 non trophy

Brian Kirby - 11 Trophys and 22 non trophy

Stephen Blakely - 24 non trophy

Brandon Swain - 12 Trophys

Jim Catron - 37 non trophy

Brandon Gillooly - 8 Trophys

Steve Eidson - 22 non trophy

Shelia Trask - 15 Trophys

Jacques Forget - 18 non trophys

Scott Pfau - 6 Trophys and 2 non trophy

John Court - 2 Trophys and 44 non trophy

John Hine - 14 non trophy

PhIl Whetstone - 4 Trophys

Michael Rathmann - 10 Trophys

Ben Reina - 1 Trophy and 31 non trophy

Hans Heibsch - 1 Trophy and 29 non trophy

Tim Magee - 38 non trophy

Bergthor - 2 Trophy and 30 non trophy


2016 SAFARI SUMMARY - Another Great and Long Season !

30  SAFARIS     
65  HUNTERS    
11  Non hunters

180 Trophys & 323 non trophys were hunted

Well done to all our hunters and staff, and especially Lalase, John and Bolt our PH's for a very good job so well done !



2015 Safari Summary :

Jeff Peart family - 15 Trophys

John White and Rod Hansen - 11 Trophys

John Antonio - 14 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Don Schultz - 18 non trophys

Chris Hartnet group - 14 Trophys and 3 non trophys

Chad Gentry family - 10 Trophys and 13 non trophys

Stephen Blakely - 30 non trophys

Raine Hermans - 20 non trophys

Daryl Rice family - 10 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Rick Bloss group - 22 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Per Jakobsen - 1 Trophy and 8 non trophys

Bob Andryc family - 13 Trophys

Stephen Suits group - 7 Trophys

Larry Faria - 9 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Mike Kern - 16 Trophys

Wes Milner, Jill Wegner and Scott and Rose Pfau - 21 Trophys and 6 non trophys

Jason and Brian Wheatley - 12 Trophys

Frank D'Eassaile - 27 non trophys

Renju Kurian - 5 Trophy and 42 non trophy

David - 10 non trophy

Candace Walker and John Hanson - 8 Trophy and 1 non trophy

Brent Robertson -  4 Trophy and 5 non trophy

Vince Javornick - 14 Trophy and 7 non trophy


2015 SAFARI SUMMARY - Another Great Season !

23  SAFARIS     
51 HUNTERS    
 6  Non hunters

211  Trophys & 191 non trophys were hunted

Well done to all our hunters and staff, and especially Lalase and John our PH's for a very good job so well done !


2014 Safari Summary :

John and Dorris White - 6 Trophys and 3 non trophys

Iain Overton - 2 non trophys

Jeff Hohman group - 21 Trophys

Heine Gjerlov family - 11 non trophys

Tim Brooks and Chris Laursen - 12 Trophys

Niki De Vliegher - 1 Trophy and 31 non trophys

Mark and Nadai Hadler, and Steve Finnessy - 12 Trophys

Charlie and Andy Smith - 6 Trophys

Stephen Blakely - 29 non trophy

Chad and Tami Gentry - 9 Trophy and 1 non trophy

Bruno Parzyck and Louise Church - 3 Trophys and 4 non trophy

Ross Goddard - 6 Trophys

Frank D'Easaille - 28 non trophys

Don Schultz and Ken Bronski - 10 Trophys and 5 non trophy

Brent and Russell Phillips - 4 Trophy and 27 non trophy

Mike and Chase Miller - 5 Trophy and 8 non trophy

Julie Sasker group - 25 Trophys

John and Rowan Hine - 12 non trophys

Sebastian and Johann Kreiger - 1 Trophy and 22 non trophy

Sarah and Andrew Griess - 8 Trophys

Claude Simard and Stephane Richard - 13 Trophys

Peter Mantell and Dick Owers - 22 non trophy

Rhoads Stevens group  - 7 Trophy and 63 non trophy = 70 animals hunted !!

Frank D'Easaille - 25 non trophys

Brennan Smith - 5 Trophys and 1 non trophy

Jeff Shrable - 7 Trophys and 1 Non trophy

Justin Blackwood - 5 Trophys

2014 SAFARI SUMMARY - Another Great Season with much Culling !!

28  SAFARIS     
55 HUNTERS    
16  Non hunters

164  Trophys & 294 non trophys were hunted

Well done to all our hunters and staff, and especially Lalase and John our PH's for a very good job so well done !!


2013 Safari Summary :

Tom Myers, Paul and his son Chase Fairbairn - 14 Trophys

Evan Kass and Jeff Bellefleur - 5 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Cherie Mascarello and Sharon Gee - 10 Trophys

Mike and Tracy Sholing, and Chuck Nosie - 26 Trophys

Heath and his son Nick Brinke - 9 Trophys

Randy and Janet Long, Jack and Vanessa Germeroth, Scott Hertzke and Lloyd Markham - 24 Trophys

Scott Vinkemulder and DuWayne Schuler - 10 Trophys

Willem,Gijs and his wife San Algie, from Holland - 2 Trophys and 8 non trophy 

John/Buck Schmit, Justin Deno, Darrel Gusa and Doug Gusa 35 Trophys 

John/Buck Schmit, Justin Deno, Darrel Gusa and Doug Gusa - 35 Trophys 

Eugene also now got his Kudu and a Springbok, Justin a Hartebeest, Gemsbok and Blesbok and Vicki an Impala
good hunting !the

Eugene, Vicki and Justin Rahn - 15 Trophys and 1 non trophy

David Briggs and Dave De Matteo Jr - 10 Trophys

Ryan and Jon Leftwich - 11 Trophys  

Hans Hiebsch, Johann Krieger , Martin Ebert and Dogan Arat - 4 Trophys and 36 non trophys 

Joe Legat, Dan and his son Nik Smith - 18 Trophys

Rhoads Stevens and Mark Hunsaker  - 12 Trophys and 3 non trophys

Larry  Smith and Bill Bettys - 10 Trophys 

Peter Mantell-Sayer and Richard Owers - 25 non trophys

Nick Bullock - 7 Trophys

Dave Smeltzer - 4 Trophys and 2 non trophys

Robin, Rem and Alex West - 10 Trophys and 7 non trophys

Frank D'Easaille - 26 Non trophys

Erik Loontjens - 5 trophys and 1 non trophy

2013 SAFARI SUMMARY - Another Great Season !!

23  SAFARIS     
54  HUNTERS    
16  Non hunters

241  Trophys & 111 non trophys were hunted

Well done to all our hunters and staff, and especially Lalase and John our PH's for a very good job so well done !!

Nick & Dawn Bullock from San Martin , Ca  USA arrived yesterday for their safari.
Dave Smeltzer, also here, got a black springbok so far and Nick a big Ostrich male for life size mount !

We began the year 2012 with a busy hunt

Tom & Jeff Klugow and Shawn Ladd, here in Feb, took a VERY good bag of 21 trophies ( 10 species )

Ed Huff, Tim White, Frank & Jon Hand, here in March, completed their hunt and took 14 animals.

Roger and Tony Brown here in March and April, took 11 trophy animals.

Brian Gano and Zak Gacek also here in March and April took 9 trophy animals.

Returning hunters Mike and Christine Landowski, Mickey and Bev Wert and Art Wert, from WI and ID USA, Total bag of 16 wonderfull trophies!

Gary Kanarowski and Dick Heiden from WI, hunted here in May and bagged 11 trophies.

Bob and Yolanda Schultz from WI also here then took 9 animals.

Wayne, Charlie and Clayton Duncan, Don Parr, Joe and Billy Mitchell bagged 41 animals in late May early June 2012, 32 trophies and 9 non trophies. This group was from KS, USA.

Hunters Scott and Kelley Dowd from IL and David Schunk Snr and Jnr from MN, Total animals taken was 12 with 8 being Trophys. Lalase returned them all to PE via Addo elephant park to end a very pleasant safari !

Terry Widner from Friona, TX and John Mayhill from Reserve, NM , USA, arrived at Clifton on Thursday 21 June 2012 and took 13 Trophys of excellent quality for the Safari and Terry and John had a great time !

Bill Keenan, his wife Meganne and 2 adult children, Carly and William ( Mike), from Redwood city, CA  USA, were on their safari in July 2012 , arriving here safely with all bags, guns etc intact and no problems on their trip. They hunted a bag of 11 trophys & as usual for us, walk, stalk & sometimes crawled for their game !

Jack Conie and his daughters Jacky and Caroline from Galloway OH USA, late July 2012, all game hunted was 13 animals for this safari. Dinners were all delicious - A very enjoybale safari for all and Jack will be back soon for Buffalo and more plains game ! 

Dean Potter and his daughter Kaitlyn, age 11, from MI were also here in late July 2012. It was especially enjoyable having Dean back for his second safari with us. The end of the hunt totalled 9 beautiful trophys and especially welldone to Kaitlyn who rose to the challenge of African big game hunting and did so well and also on getting a Grey Duiker !! Their trip was rounded off with a ride on the Elephants at Addo on the way back to PE ! 

Rick and his wife Donna Saenz from WI USA, hunted here in August 2012 and bagged common Springbok,  Eland, Mountain Reedbuck, Waterbuck and Red Hartebeest -Their hunt ended well with 5 excellent Trophys and a good hunt with PH, John.

Michael Betters, Karla, Mikes wife, Kayla and Taylor, their adult children,  from WI USA, were also on Safari in August 2012. Kudu, Blesbok, 2 SA Springbok, 2 Grey Duikers, Blue Wildebeest, 2 Mountain Reedbucks and Gemsbok were hunted. Dinners were great as usual. Lalase took them all back to PE via Addo Elephant national park. A very nice family hunt with a total of 12 animals taken and well done to Kayla on her first big game hunt ! 

Steve and Melinda Johnson from Dubois,Wy, but originally from Mn, USA
and Robert and Julie Sasker from South Dakota,USA enjoyed their Safari with us in late Aug 2012. A good bag of 15 animals and lot of laughs and fun.

 Enjoy the  pics and news about these hunts !

2012 SAFARI SUMMARY - Great Season !!

18  SAFARIS    
46  HUNTERS   
 9 Non hunters

201  Trophys & 52 non trophys & small mammals were hunted


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