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We only hunt on foot. Mostly spot and stalk or walk and stalk, sometimes sitting in ambush and wait or crawl for those who can. No shooting from vehicles so our hunts are a real fair chase experience.

Richard Holmes Safaris is a fourth generation family business specialising in South African Hunting Safaris with many years of hunting experience. We do only Hunting Safaris and do not have other supplemetal jobs or business other than hunting - many other outfitters do hunting safaris only part time and do not own the hunting areas and lodges.

We own all : our Ranches, our Camp/ Base, the Lodge as well as the hunting areas, which are named Clifton and Stirling ranches, which total 8,500 acres with over 2500 head of WILD game and 22 Species.

Most of your hunting will be done on our own property / ranches.

Only on some day/s, hunts are on suitable other privately owned ranches we call concessions.

These concession areas are all on private land like ours, but owned by another private person and on our concessions, you or your group are the only hunters there because access is allowed by invitation only and is exclusive, so you won't run into any other hunters - rarely if another group is hunting there, your group will be far seperate from the other because the ranches are so huge.

Our Concessions we hunt are only in the immediate area of our property, max one and a half hours drive to get there and we return to our ranch and lodge after the days hunt. We very seldom hunt further away from our base and our ranches.

We are based in the Malaria-free and Disease Free Eastern Cape Province of South Africa which is a Mecca for hunting Safaris in South Africa. We are located 200 miles / 320 km North of Port Elizabeth ( PE ) , which is our pick up and drop off point.

The areas we hunt have a large variety of game species and game is abundant, WILD and in established breeding herds, so we don't need to add game onto our ranches ever because our numbers are full up and the supply of game availabe is therefore mostly constant and self replenishing.

The Eastern Cape is unique due to some rare species of game found only here.

We recommend and prefer that you bring your own rifle/s for your hunt - your tried and trusted shooter/s.

"We deliver what we promise, always, our references will confirm this !!"

For a real South African Hunting Safari contact Richard Holmes Safaris. 

Our Latest News

  • Flooded Fish River at the Ranch

    Flooded Fish River at Clifton

    Flooded Fish River at the Ranch on Clifton - another big storm !!  This photo is where we drive through the river. We are Hoping the underground springs begin to flow soon with all this rain then the drought for us is over...
    Wednesday, 7th March 2018Read More
  • Sunrise


    Dogs in long lush grass after spectacular sunrise on the ranch
    Saturday, 3rd March 2018Read More
  • wifi

    Wifi is now in all the bedrooms and the lodge !
    Friday, 23rd February 2018Read More
  • Water Flowing

    More Rain

    Even more rain !!  What a great relief now that it is so green and lush. The Lechwe did not calve for a long time and suddenly have many calves. The Game is all doing great.
    Saturday, 17th February 2018Read More

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