Allan Myers and Dale Johnson Safari

Sunday, 23rd September 2012

Allan Myers and Dale Johnson from NM USA will be with us for their Safari today Friday 14 September.

Allan hunted with us in 2006.

Lalase went to PE to pick them up and they arrived safely at Clifton. Joberg, Afton and the flight over went well. Roast Springbuck for dinner tonight.

Meals have been great as usual and nice evenings at the fire, and with no wind here for 5 days makes hunting much easier.

Allan and Dale have taken 29 animals  - in 5 days of hunting, on foot , in ambush and walking with PH Lalase, mostly non trophy animals, this being part of our game management programme in one of our hunting packages :

5 black wildebeest cows

1 hartebeest cull bull

 2 ostrich

 7 blesbuck ewes

 14 springbuck

They went with Lalase to Mountain Zebra park on Friday and have been relaxing, game viewing and napping ( and checking out the Porcupines coming round at night !

 Home to US on Monday 24 Sept. A very nice safari and good hunt !

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