Andrew Fike Safari

Friday, 10th May 2019

Andrews thank you letter after his Hunting Safari  - read on...


From: Andrew Fike []
Sent: 10 May 2019 03:27 AM
To: Richard Holmes Safaris
Subject: Thank You


Thank you again for having me over to hunt. I had a very nice time, Lalase and Anthony did a great job. I could not have asked for better guides. Please feel free to give my name out as a reference. I am anxious to get my pictures onto my computer so I can go show my 89 year old dad. Just the few pictures I showed him off of my phone today brought back many memories he had of his past hunting career.

I arrived home with few issues today!!

Again, thank you and Marion so much!!!



Andrew hunted a Red Hartebeest to end his safari. He had a great time !! Also hunted are Gemsbok, White Blesbok , Blesbok, Impala, Black Springbok and Springbok. Andrew hunted Red Lechwe, Blue Wildebeest, Fallow Deer and more - going well 

Andrew has hunted numerous and animals and is enjoying his safari in total, being out there in Africa !!

Andrew arrive at Clifton safely with no problems. He had the usual great help from Afton house in Joberg so all went smoothly with his rifle permit.

Andrew Fike will be with us next week for his South Africa hunting Safari. He is from NC, USA.

red lechwered lechwe
impala femaleimpala female
blesbok female with PH Lalaseblesbok female with PH Lalase
Scenery Clifton RHS Base area with PH Lalase and dogsScenery Clifton RHS Base area with PH Lalase and dogs
black wildebeest cull bullblack wildebeest cull bull
black wildebeest bullblack wildebeest bull
springbok cull ramspringbok cull ram

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