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Saturday, 18th August 2018

From: dale kruschwitz , read wonderful reference...


Sent: 18 August 2018 01:55 PM



Richard Holmes,

Taxidermy Africa


Stephen Mogus



Subject: Taxidermy

Greetings! Once again gentlemen and ladies your performance greatly exceeds my expectations! It was a touching and (to me) a religious experience to open the crate of mounts- felt I was once again in God's creation the "Great Karoo"!

I can only compare this to gazing at the cathedral in Reims-truly a masterpiece!

I thank my great son-in-law Stephen and Richard and the "Michael Angelos" of taxidermy!

You have made an old cowboy very happy! If anyone is searching for a safari or taxidermy I suggest you do it-do it YESTERDAY with these folks!

Highest regards!

Dale L. Kruschwitz Alamo,ND

P.S. The freight company did NOT adhere to the fragile warnings on the crate, but thanks to the expert packing not much damage occurred.

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