Duncan, Mitchell and Parr Safari

Thursday, 7th June 2012

2 young hunters - Billy Mitchell and Clayton Duncan will be on safari with their dads and one of their grandfathers too !!

Tues 29 May 2012

6 hunters from Kansas made it all OK to Joburg and with the usual excellent service of Custom Travel / Debbie & Afton/ Marius, they are on their way to PE now. Lalase, and another PH are on his way to PE to pick them up. This hunt will be with 3 PH's : Lalase, Richard Cawood and John.

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Lalase with Wayne and Clayton, after checking guns at the range at first light, hunted a very old Blue Wildebeest bull and a common Springbuck ( Clayton ) and Wayne also got a nice common Springbuck.

Charlie and Don with Richard Cawood had a good day, Don taking a Gemsbok cow with very good horns and a common Springbok.

Young Billy took a nice Springbok at 150 yds after his nerves had settled and his dad , Joe a great old Black Wildebeest trophy, both with their PH John.

Everyone saw tons of game on our ranches all day long !

A good dinner of game schnitzel, mash potatoes, cheese sauce, mixed veges stir fry, green salad and desert ended a great day in Africa!

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 31 May - 2 June 2012

these 3 days have been VERY busy :

Lalase with Wayne and Clayton, bagged a great big Nyala bull, an old Black Wildebeest Trophy & Mountain Reedbuck, plus Blesbok female.

Don also got a Nyala AND a Red Lechwe - magnificent Trophys !! plus Blesbok, a big Ostrich cock and Mountain Reedbuck, plus Blue wildebeest cow.

Charlie took non trophy Ostrich , a White Blesbok female and a Trophy Mountain Reedbuck, plus Black Wildebeest cow.

Billy downed a Red Hartebeest and an Impala and his dad , Joe  - 2 Nyala, Blue Wildebeest and Kalahari Springbok trophys, both with their PH John.

Total taken so far is 29 Animals !!

Sunday 3 June 2012

the hunters got 2 Black Wildebeest cows, 1 Ostrich hen and 1 sub adult ostrich.

Total taken so far is 33 Animals !!

Monday 4- Wednesday 6 June 2012

in this 3 days they took 1 Black Wildebeest, 1 Steenbuck, 4 Zebra & 2 Kudu trophys.

Total taken 32 Trophy animals and 9 non trophy, grand total of 41 Animals !!

wildebeest bluewildebeest blue
kalahari springbokkalahari springbok
wildebeest blackwildebeest black
hartebeest redhartebeest red
safari scene south africasafari scene south africa

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