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Saturday, 21st January 2012

Yesterday we saw 32 Black Wildebeest calves and many Blesbok calves.

The Veld is very Green - lots of Rain- wonderfull !

DEC 2011 NEWS :

LOTS of little Impala kids in one of the herds on Clifton with their ewes - so many running and weaving, they looked like a waving and peeling flying swarm, a sea of Impala - awesome to see !

I counted 24 Blesbuck calves and 4 white Blesbuck calves.

One of the herds of Gemsbok has 10 calves and one of the herds of Blue Wildebeest has 5 calves.

Also saw 3 Lechwe calves and 5 Vaal Rhebok - one ram only has one horn- and 2 pairs of Blue Cranes.

Ranches have had 8 mm of rain in past 2 days and 12 mm last week ( 0.8 inches of rain total ), so the veld is really responding well !

Impala South Africa hunting safariImpala South Africa hunting safari
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