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Friday, 3rd August 2012

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Jack Conie and his daughters Jacky and Caroline are on their way to PE where Lalase, their PH, is waiting to pick them up for their trip to Clifton. They are from Galloway OH USA.They arrived safely, had a great Dinner of Blesbok goulash with potatoes and veges plus desert and rested well after the long flight.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Jack and Caroline each got a Blesbok today. They saw tons of game. Dinner was roast Springbuck leg, roast potatoes, rice, gravy, veges, seven layer salad and Malva pudding with custard - delicious !

Thursday 26 July 2012

This morning Jack and Caroline both got Mountain Reedbucks - one very big and the other one nice. After that we got the call at the ranch to send another truck and men as an Eland had been taken by Jack! The Eland is a monster - hanging up it was about 3 1/2 meters ~ 12 feet long from back leg hock to the nose

Jack hunted a South African common Springbok and Caroline got the same but hers was the Biggest Springbok ( SA ) we have ever taken !!

What a day, topped off with Marions wonderful dinner of Zebra steaks, mash potatoes, gravy, beans, crouton salad ( croutons, cheese, pickles/guerkins and bacon ) and delicious bread pudding with cream.

Friday and Saturday 27 and 28 July 2012

Jack took a great Black Wildebeest and two dinners were Lasagne made with game meat and a braai ( bbq ) on the open coals : Eland steak, Steenbok steak, pork bacon, chicken wings, Fallow deer sausage, toasted cheese onion and tomato sandwiches, whole potatoes in their jackets in the fire - a big feast !

Sunday - Tuesday 29 -31 July 2012

Jack hunted a nice old Impala and a Gemsbok non trophy ( broken horn ). Caroline hunted a nice Zebra. Dinners were roast Chicken, Chow mein with Gemsbok sizzling steak and Zebra Schnitzel ! 

Wednesday 1 Aug 2012

Jack hunted an Ostrich and all game hunted was 13 animals for this safari. A very enjoybale safari for all and Jack will be back soon ! a braai ( bbq ) on the open coals : Eland steak, Wildebeest steak, Mountain Reedbuck and Ostrich steaks, mushroom sauce and vegetables- another big feast on the last night !

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