Jim Dallmans Trophys home in the USA

Monday, 2nd April 2012
Trophy taxidermy and shipping south africa safarisTrophy taxidermy and shipping south africa safaris

Jim Dallman Safari Trophys are home safe and sound and look beautiful up on his wall !

Great team work AGAIN by Taxidermy Africa and  Rex Freight !

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From: James Dallmann
To: Taxidermy Africa
Cc: holmesrc@vodamail.co.za
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2012 8:20 PM
Subject: Trophies Arrived!

Hi Natalie,
The big day has finally arrived! Nine great trophies taken during my hunt with Richard Holmes Safaris arrived safe and snug in a crate strong enough to stand on, (and from the looks of a couple of footprints, someone did!) Inside were all the great memories of the hunt with Richard, and Taxidermy Africa has captured it all in lifelike image and form! My wife is overjoyed with the shoulder mount of the Impala and the "omygosh, it's so big" Zebra rug! They will be the centerpiece for the other "horns on a shield" memories. Thank You!
Rex Freight did a good job of getting the shipment to Atlanta by early February. Tammy and Liz at Coppersmith were always courteous and helpful but it took Customs and/or U.S.Fish & Wildlife until the end of the month to give them the OK. They arrived March 7th, in a semi so big Noah could have used it for the Ark!
As luck would have it, my Safari photographer/partner/daughter Cyndi will arrive Saturday, and with the help of my son-in-law and grandson, the five of us should be able to get them up on the wall. The excellent mounts you provide on the back of each shield are first rate and strong, as are the shields themselves. What kind of wood are they made of? The color and finish are beautiful!
I seem to remember the Kudu and Gemsbok horns being smoother, but perhaps the process of removing the core (boiling?) makes them rough. They are still great to look at.
Many thanks to you and Taxidermy Africa for all your help this past year.
Jim Dallmann

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