Landowski and Wert Safari

Thursday, 10th May 2012

Thursday 3 May 2012 :

Returning hunters Mike and Christine Landowski , Mickey and Bev Wert and Art Wert,

from WI and ID USA, are here on safari - all went well with flights, bags, Afton in Joberg, PE beach hotel, guns permits and Winzel !

Mike, Christine and Mickey were here in 2009 and had a great hunt and so will this one be !

Friday 4 May was a very good day with 4 good Trophys in the salt :

Mike took a great old White Blesbok at 150 yds

Bev got a very nice old Impala at 160 yds

Art took a great old Gemsbok bull at 160 yds and a good common Blesbok at 200 yds

Topped off the day with a very nice dinner of Kudu schnitzel !

Lots of laughs and fun is being had by all !

Saturday 5 May was a very good day with another 4 good Trophys taken :

Bev got 3 today ! - a very nice common Springbok, common Blesbok and a Black Springbuck, all from 160 -200 yds

Art downed a common Springbok at 200 yds

Tonights dinner was a game Goulash, veges and a 7 layer salad - very very scumptous !

Sunday 6 May  :

Art bagged a Black Springbok at 200 yds

Dinner was a roast Chicken, veges and Ice cream with rum bananas.

Monday 7 May  :

Art got a Beautifull BIG Red Lechwe bull ! ( 225 yds shot )

Mike a nice old Gemsbok at 185 yds

AND BEV GOT HER KUDU !!! - great Bull at 140 yds late afternoon, which she dropped with 1 shot !!!

Dinner was a Braai - BBQ  on open fire outside , with Kudu sausage, chicken wings, lamb chops, thick pork bacon rashers, toasted tomato & cheese sandwiches and potato salad - a great feast !

Tuesday 8 May  :

Bev downed a nice Mountain Reedbuck at only 80 yds !

Art, Mike and Lalase hunted hard the rest of the day, on foot in the hills for Mountain Reedbcuk which eluded them. Tomorow...

Dinner was Lasange with game  ground meat and Triffle for dessert.

Wednesday 9 May  :

Art got his Mountain Reedbuck  early am.

and THEN it was Mikes DAY ! -  a very nice KUDU at 135 yds also early morning

AND a Massive Red Hartebeest this afternoon at 150 yds - great old bull !

Dinner will be game steak strips, stir fried with onions and  green peppers and a potato bake topped with thick cheese  & mushrooms , with Bread pudding anf cream.

Thursday 10 May :

Hunt is pretty much over so Hunters are taking it easy and relaxing here at camp.

Dinner tonight is roast leg of Karoo Lamb ! we asked our group if they wanted Leg of Lamb or another game meat dish and they ALL wanted the Lamb as it was one of the highlight dinners of their last safari with us !!

The Total bag is 16 wonderfull Trophys !

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