Matt, Briana and Blaine Safari trophies

Saturday, 2nd February 2019

Great Reference  - Matt, Briana and Blaine Safari trophies arrive home in the USA !!


From: Matt Susko []
Sent: 01 February 2019 11:48 AM
To: Richard Holmes ; Taxidermy Africa ; Blaine Flanders ;>>>

Subject: Trophies have arrived!rd and Jackie,

The crate was delivered to my house yesterday and my parents were there to unpack it.

They had the most flattering descriptions of the trophies and the care that was taken to package the shipment.
I'd send pictures, but my mother did a pretty bad job of taking pics, I'll see about having my roommate take some better ones and forward them to you. From what I saw of the pictures, everything looks amazing! My father in particular (a longtime hunter with some taxidermy experience) had the highest praise for the work that was done! I promise I'll send some pictures in a few days. And I'll send another email and round of pictures when I finally get home.

I rotate back to the US in 2 months and I can't wait to see the trophies waiting for me back home!

Richard, my father and both of the ladies are VERY interested in visiting again and hunting with you. We think the summer of 2021 would work (or winter? whatever works best on your side of the equator!). We can discuss options later this year or next and make a tentative booking. Please pass my (and the ladies) best wishes to your family and staff. Thank you for all of your help, patience and hospitality. The vacation was a dream come true.

Jackie, thank you SO MUCH for all the fine work that your company has done. I look forward to the opportunity to engage the skills of your company again after another hunt.
I can't thank both of you and your organizations and staffs enough.


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