Meeks Family hunt

Thursday, 9th August 2018

Nyala and Blue wildebeest also hunted. a Blesbuck was hunted by the young lady ! Kudu hunted !

Blesbok as well, so total now 13 animals taken on the safari.

Also hunted was another Gemsbuck. Total 11 animals hunted.

Hunted this morning were 2 Blesbuck and 1 Gemsbuck, so they have hunted 10 animals. They are having a great time !

They also hunted another Springbok and a Blesbuck. Total is 7 animals taken.

Mom and son with their first african game hunted on their safari in south africa. 5 animals taken so far and going well !

A Zebra was also hunted. Justin and his daughter with their first african game hunted on their safari in south africa ! Black wildebeest and Springbok.

They arrived safely with the usual great help from Afton house in Johannesburg. Their hunt begins tomorrow.

The Meeks family from Texas will be here for their South Africa hunting safari in early August.

black wildebeestblack wildebeest
blue wildebeestblue wildebeest
nyala cownyala cow

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