Old homes

Friday, 28th December 2012

This was someones home well over 100 years ago on our Ranch, must have been a natural seep or spring nearby for water to survive in our harsh hot climate .

The contruction is all expertly done by using the weight of the rocks on top of each other to keep the walls from collapsing and they have stood mostly for so Long ! No cement around then and very little metal.

Could have been nomadic shepherds or subsistance hunters who lived here then.

The water seeps are slowly returning on parts of our ranch to those days of yore because our vegetation and ranch management with the multispecies of game concept is giving the soil back its water holding properties ( have more humus now and no erosion from over grazing with uncontrolled livestock etc. ).

Everytime I go to these, and there are numerous old homes like this, I stand and wonder how amazing, simple, almost paradisic and rewarding their old lifestyle was in Africa !!

south africasouth africa
south africasouth africa

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