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Wednesday, 21st December 2016

The hunting is over and we are all having a break. Staff are on leave in shifts - while some are on duty with the regular maintenance before next season. 

It is very hot and dry - we are having the worst drought in 23 years !

Since about May this year the ranches river water has been been very little - this drought is wide spread across Southern Africa, not just South Africa.

The Fish River at Clifton and Stirling have all but dried up now which last happened in 1993.

The veld and game are doing ok though and many calves are being born, which is a proof of what our game management can achieve is such dry times - there is enough feed on the ranch veld to sustain the game !

We hope for rains soon so the calves can get a good start in life with better grazing.

Best wishes to all for the holidays and for 2017.

Richard, Marion and the Team

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