Saturday, 27th October 2018

IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE TO VISIT South Africa !! read more...

All is well here in South Africa and our summer has arrived fully with some hot weather. Our game herds are doing well and habitat is looking good but rain would always be very welcome. We are soon nearing the end of our safari hunting season and then we start again in mid January !


This bad media attention we are getting overseas is mostly just about politics before every election.

Our new President has made it very clear that Land Expropriation in South Africa will not be a free for all and that a strategic process will be followed. A long process needs to be followed to change our constitution to even allow this. Each SA citizen has full ownership rights in our constitution to his/her Land and all of his/her property. Changing the constitution will most likely not happen as those that want to change it do not have enough votes.
Our President encourages entrepreneurial development and a need to work together with the private sector, as the private sector plays a key role in developing the South African Economy.
The government is wanting land that is peri urban as that is where the need is for land for non whites. The SA government does not want to destabilize our economy and food production so farms and ranches, factories, industrial business land etc are not in this issue.
There is much such land available but the administation has been so tardy/slow in getting it to those that need it that we have a president having to say these things to placate the voters. It happens every 5 years when we have our general election, which is in 2019. If the officials did their job this land would have been transfered long ago.

No land has been taken from anyone !

We are fine and safe here and have had no incidents in our area.

We had many hunters coming this year, even a group of 6 women only, most of whom are on our reference list, and no one had or saw any problems.

The media also does not help because they only show the sensational side and ignore what our president says about not taking land which will harm the SA economy, jobs and food production and they ignore the rest of the majority peaceful South Africa.

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