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Tuesday, 17th October 2017

Hello Richard, just wanted to let you know we arrived safely back home.

From: Stephen Mogus

Sent: 23 October 2017 06:15 PM
To: richard holmes

Subject: Re: addo STEVE MOGUS and DALE


Our Addo tour went fantastic the second time around, and the hotel you arranged for us was fantastic. Both were icing on the cake for the trip. The tour guide in Addo told us the game is much more prevalent in the south end of the park, so a suggestion would be to enter from the south end and drive north, rather than only enter and exit on the north side. I think from entrance to exit could be done within 2 hours still, but you probably already have looked in to that. We ended up seeing well over 50 elephants and even 2 cape buffalo!

Thanks again for the incredible memories. You run a great business and Lalase is a top notch PH. The door to door service you provide really makes the trip overseas more comfortable and less risky for first time safari goers, which is much appreciated!

Steve Mogus


Steve and Dale had a great time hunting with us on their safari. They ended with 8 Trophies and 1 non trophy.


Steve ended with hunting a Springbok.


Dale got an Impala this morning.


Today they hunted another Blue wildebeest.

Hunted Gemsbok this morning.

Also hunted was a Blue Wildebeest yesterday - going well.

They hunted a Kudu and a Red Hartebeest today !


Steve and Dale arrived and had their first ever day out hunting in africa taking a black wildebeest and a springbok respectively. They are amazed at our ranch and all the wild game they have seen !


Steve and Dale arrived and are on their hunting Safari.

They had the usual great help from Afton with guns, permits, and check in without any problems.


Steve and Dale will be with us on their hunting Safari next week.

blue wildebeestblue wildebeest
red hartebeest trophyred hartebeest trophy
black wildebeestblack wildebeest
blue wildebeestblue wildebeest
red hartebeestred hartebeest
black wildebeestblack wildebeest

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