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Thursday, 19th September 2013


From: Peter Mantell-Sayer [] 

Sent: 19 September 2013 03:11 PM

To: Richard Holmes


Dear Richard and Marion,


Dick and I have been on many safaris and we agree none were better than hunting with you

we are no longer interested in trophies just the all important hunting and a few photos

The hunting with PH John was excellent - ambush, walk, stalk and crawl we really need those kneepads.

You were not joking about long distance shots either, most were at 270 yds.


The camp accommodation and service was good and the meals were all excellent


The most important thing was that your on-line info is no exaggeration and the advice - kneepads and help with guns a jo-burg

were invaluable. Thanks also for providing the bullets so difficult to travel with from UK!


We also particularly enjoyed the company of your American Party in camp Larry and Sue Smith and Bill and Cheryl Bettys

they were all interesting and great fun.


I have spoken to Dick, my son William and a Friend today and I am sure we will be booking up  2 no  ‘shoot a lot packages’ for 2014 soon!










Sent: 18 September 2013 06:19 PM

To: RichardHolmes

Subject: Thanks


Dear Richard and Marion

    A note of thanks for a superb hunting holiday. I really enjoyed the crawling and stalking which is what I always look for when hunting.

   Thank you for your hospitality', the superb food and accomadation and please pass on my thanks to John for his friendship and expertise.

      I sincerely hope that I will be able to visit your outfit again and thanks for next years safari dates which look very interesting.


          Keep in touch

               Wishing you all the best.


                  regards Dick



They hunted 25 animals : 10 Black Wildebeest, 8 common blesbok ( all female ), 5 Springbok and 2 Ostrich and had lots of fun and laughs with PH John.

so far they have hunted 6 black wildebeest and 4 springbuck and are having a great time !

Peter Mantell-Sayer and Richard Owers ( Dick ), from  England will be with us for their Safari tomorrow for a cull hunt. 

Peter Mantell-Sayer and Richard Owers ( Dick ), from  England will be with us for their Safari tomorrow for a cull hunt, 2 Sept 2013.

south africa hunting cull wildebeestsouth africa hunting cull wildebeest
south africa hunting cull blesboksouth africa hunting cull blesbok

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