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Plains Game Hunting with Richard Holmes Safaris ( RHS ) offers Hunters the ideal opportunity to experience a real fair chase, walk and stalk or spot and stalk hunt of truely wild animals in the animals natural habitat in wild open Africa. Our Emphasis is on FAIR CHASE and walk and stalk.

Only Certain packages may be modified to suit hunters or if you hunt alone then 1 x 1 packages can be designed for you - please enquire per email to


On our Cull / non trophy packages: Due to factors beyond our control like drought effects, ONLY sometimes species need to be changed to suit our management programme, then you will still get similar numbers and value in game to hunt - eg. we have too few Ostrich to cull then a similar value species which we have way too many of will be hunted instead of Ostrich, as an example - your understanding is appreciated.


Hunters must ensure they are on the same flight into and out of Port Elizabeth ( PE ) because our packages are priced for PE pick up and return in one trip, in one truck, round trip and which is included in all of our packages.

We do not do Port Elizabeth ( PE ) transfers in the dark due to game on the road eg. Kudu and some narrow roads, so please ensure arrival in PE is between 12 noon and 2 pm for our pick up. We get you back to PE at about 11 am on your last day.

We have a 99 % success rate on our hunters getting their package game.

Other game, trophy or non trophy, which are not in our packages may be hunted per price list. This is subject to availability at the time of your hunt.



Any animal not exported out of South Africa 15 % VAT tax must be charged onto the animals fees and onto any Trophy's fees. Exporting even just one part or some of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged on top of the Package price.


  • Starter Safari Package $3,000

    4 hunting days, 5 nights for 1 hunter, includes 4 TROPHY ANIMALS: 1 WILDEBEEST, black or blue , 1 BLESBUCK , 1 SPRINGBOK, 1 MOUNTAIN REEDBUCK.
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  • kudu hunt south africa safari

    Kudu Hunt Package $ 7,600

    ALL INCLUSIVE NO HIDDEN COSTS. Package price includes 2 Hunters with 1 PH, 6 hunting days, 7 nights and 10 Trophies included : 2 Kudu, 2 Gemsbuck, 2 Black or Blue Wildebeest, 2 Blesbok, 2 Springbok, shared by the hunters, read more...
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  • zebra hunting safari south africa

    Richard Holmes Safaris Special Hunting Package $7,800

    Safari Package 6 hunting days, 7 nights, 2 Hunters, Including 12 Trophy animals shared by the 2 hunters, Package price includes both hunters with 1 PH : 2 Gemsbuck, 2 Wildebeest (Black or Blue ), 2 Zebra ( Burchells ), 2 Blesbuck, 2 Springbuck, 2 Mountain Reedbuck all included. No Hidden Costs.
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  • springbok female

    Springbuck Cull Hunting South Africa Safari Package $7,800

    32 NON-TROPHY ANIMALS shared by 2 hunters, Package price includes both hunters with 1 PH, 6 hunting days, 7 nights,  VERY Special price for 20 Springbok, Wildebeest, Zebra and more, read on...!
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  • kudu


    ALL INCLUSIVE NO HIDDEN COSTS. KUDU Package for 1 Hunter, 3 Iconic African Trophies : 1 Kudu, 1 Gemsbok, 1 Black or Blue Wildebeest, 4 hunting days, 5 nights.
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  • blue wildebeest

    Season Hunt Special Package $2,700

    East Cape of South Africa for years 2022 or 2023 for 1 hunter, 3 hunting days, 4 nights, includes 5 ANIMALS  - 3 TROPHY and 2 non trophy : 1 BLACK or BLUE WILDEBEEST, 1 BLESBUCK and 1 SPRINGBOK and 2 non trophy SPRINGBOK. 
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    Brown or Spotted. Hunt a Large Wild Predator in South Africa. ALL INCLUSIVE. NO HIDDEN COSTS.
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    ALL INCLUSIVE NO HIDDEN COSTS. Package price includes 1 Hunter with 1 PH, 3 hunting days, 4 nights and 1 Trophy included : 1 Greater Kudu.
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  • nyala cow

    Cull Hunt Special Package $7,600

    YEAR 2023 :  20 ANIMALS shared by 2 hunters, Package price includes both hunters with 1 PH, 5 hunt days, 6 nights. Nyala, Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Springbok, Ostrich and more...!!
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    Mixed Choice Package $ 13,000

    For 2023  - Includes 16 Trophies: 2 Kudu , 2 from Waterbuck, Eland or Red Lechwe, 2 Zebra , 2 Wildebeest, 2 Blesbuck, 1 Red Hartebeest, 1 Impala, 2 Springbok, 2 Mountain Reedbuck -  ALL INCLUSIVE, NO HIDDEN COSTS, 8 day hunt for 2 Hunters, 9 nights and Package price includes both hunters with 1 PH sharing the package game however they wish. 
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  • South African Hunt and Tour Package $6,000

    8 day ALL INCLUSIVE safari for 2 people, 6 days hunt & tour / side trips, 7 nights, 5 Trophys included : Gemsbok, Wildebeest ( Black or Blue ), Blesbok ( white or common ), Springbok ( black or common ), Mountain Reedbuck. No Hidden Costs.
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  • eland cow

    Shoot a Lot Package $14,800

    For 2023  : 40 non trophy animals shared by 2 hunters. Package price includes both hunters with 1 PH, 8 hunting days, 9 nights and the game:  Eland, Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, Zebra, Wildebeest, Blesbok, Springbok, Impala and on
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