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Brown or Spotted. Hunt a Large Wild Predator in South Africa. ALL INCLUSIVE. NO HIDDEN COSTS.



Package includes 1 Brown or 1 Spotted Hyena, 1 Hunter, 5 hunting days, 6 nights in LIMPOPO area of South Africa.




Spotted Hyena is allowed into the USA but Brown Hyena is not.

Brown Hyena fall under the USA Endangered species act and therefore are not allowed into the USA.




Baiting begins a few days before you arrive. Bait : For Brown Hyena baboon works nicely, otherwise guts from other hunts is used.

Around two hours before sunset you and your PH head to the blind / hide, which is pretty cozy.
Three can fit in, in relative comfort.

You lie on matresses and blankets from camp. They make the least noise.

There is a shooting rack made from steel that’s pretty steady, which is set it up before bedding down.

In the tree above the bait there is a spotlight and a microphone.
PH has the mic earpieces in his ears and stays awake.
The change in noise from the mic alerts PH that something is feeding on the bait.
Rifle is already mounted aimed at the bait and then PH gets the shooter into position and turn the light on with a remote control.
Spotlight is on a dimmer switch, so not to spook the predator.
The animal gives you a few seconds to shoot - 3 seconds doesn’t sound like much but it is ample time.

Once you are in the hide / blind there are no toilet breaks.
Hyena seem to come in relatively early.
See photos from a trail camera recently put out over some intestines and Check out the time stamps.

If no Hyena come in, then early morning you head back to camp to have a quick coffee and rusks and go check other bait sites before a proper breakfast back at camp.
The rest of they day is spent resting , hunting plains game or fishing.

If a hunt is successful your PH radios in the tracker to pick you up and to start skinning your trophy.


This RICHARD HOLMES SAFARIS ( RHS ) HYENA Package also includes :


This hunt is all inclusive from OR Tambo airport JNB round trip - One trip in one truck for pick up and drop off.  
Daily rates.
All hunting transportation.
Professional Hunter and Full service staff.
Hunting License and Hunting Permit.
VAT tax on the daily rate portion of package.
Catered meals, daily laundry service and open bar in moderation.
Accommodation at hunt area.
All the above is included.




Reminder that any animal not exported out of South Africa 15 % VAT tax will be charged onto the animals fees, and onto any Trophy's fees and not exported. Exporting even just one part or some of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged. i.e. RHS needs an export waybill from SA customs that game is exported then no vat is payable on game shot. 

The Hunt will take place in the LIMPOPO province, Musina / Tshipise area with a local outfitter which RHS arranges all for you there.

Our plains game Safaris take place on huge private ranches ranging in size from 8000 - 30,000 acres.

Hunting Hyena is done over bait.



Additional trophy fees for game taken over and above animals included in the package.

CITIES permit for import into your country, if applicable.

The game available to hunt at these areas besides the HYENA are listed below.
Taxidermy fees, trophy transportation/dipping/raw prep/packing/shipping after the safari.
Any additional days added to the safari, side trips and tours, additional persons (hunters/non hunters) added to the package.
Airline flights.
One pre-safari night maybe needed at AFTON in Johannesburg at the buyer’s expense. Cost is approximately $120 per room at Afton Safari Lodge which is 5 minutes from the JNB OR TAMBO airport.



WARTHOG  - Trophy fee $ 600 , non trophy fee $ 300

IMPALA - Trophy fee $ 400, non trophy $ 150

2 nd HYENA Trophy fee $ 2,800

CIVET - Trophy fee on request

JACKAL - Trophy fee on request

CARACAL - Trophy fee on request

BUSHPIG - Trophy fee $ 600

BABOON - Trophy fee $ 50

GREATER KUDU - Trophy fee $ 4,000

BUSHBUCK, Limpopo - Trophy fee $ 1,500 




 ( 2 travel days, 5 hunt days ) 


Day 1- airport pick-up ( travel day ) , if you do this hunt after a hunt with RHS in the Eastern Cape Province then usually around  3 pm or a morning pick from JNB - road transfer drive time from OR TAMBO JNB is about 5 ½ hours North to LIMPOPO. 

Days 2 through 6 are full hunting days ( 5 hunt days )

Day 7 return to JNB airport after early breakfast at camp ( travel day )



This is a Rifle only hunt. It is always much better to bring your own rifle/s.

Very important info for airlines which will carry your guns :





This HYENA hunt package is valid for  2022 or 2023.



Half the cost of the hunt is due on booking. The final half is due before your arrival in SOUTH AFRICA.
Please see our website for a full price list which also has additional terms and conditions, eg. cancellation etc. and all the relevant prices for the year in which the safari takes place are payable, eg. annual price increases and penalty fee if postponing your safari.
No discount if you don't stay for the full safari time.
Not available with a donated hunt.
Refund of $ 1500 may be considered, but only if due to natural events,  no Hyena are seen during the hunt.
No part of this Package is refundable, transferable or discountable.
This package is only for sale to and use by Non South African Citizens.
This package is not for use by other Safari outfitters for their clients.
Richard Holmes Safaris cannot be held responsible for any misprints on any incorrect advertising of the details ( free animals, days, numbers of hunters, etc.) of this package other than what is stated on this form, at any auction, on any web site or any brochure by the organization accepting this package or by the buyer of this package.

brown hyenabrown hyena
brown hyenabrown hyena
spotted hyenaspotted hyena
spotted hyenaspotted hyena

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