Hunting Kudu in South Africa

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Our Kudu is the Cape variety, which is smaller than the Southern greater Kudu. Southern greater Kudu do not occur here, only in the northern parts of South Africa.

Cape Kudu Bulls  vary in live weight from 500 - 700 pounds.

Cows 400 pounds - no horns.

Very wary, especially bulls. Bulls can hide behind very little cover and freeze there, only flushing when you are a few yards away or vanish unseen in the blink of an eye!

Kudu Blend in very well with their surroundings so can be very hard to see them even out in the open.

Bulls often break tree branches with their horns to feed, to show other bulls their position and strength and to scent mark territory.

Bulls have been found, in most cases, to stay where they are born and amazingly only within a small territory of a few 100 acres - their home territory - so this sounds easy to find a bull, but is more than cat and mouse !

When Kudu density becomes too high young bulls will migrate 100's of miles to find new areas.

Live  in thick bush. Graze in openings in early morning, night and evening.

Shots 100-350 yds.

Eat leaves mostly ( browser ) and some grass.

Drinks water daily.

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