Hunting Zebra in South Africa

  1. Hunting Species

Burchells and Mountain Zebras

Burchells Zebra are large heavy boned animals, more closely related to donkeys than horses.

Most of them have light brown or greyish shadow stripes on the rump between the black stripes, but stripe patterns vary a lot.

Stallions can weigh up to 900 pounds and mares not much less.

They live in herds of 4-12 with a Dominant herd Stallion and an Alpha Mare, who always leads the herd with the herd Stallion always in the rear of the herd. It is never good to shoot either the herd stallion nor the lead mare as this causes a breakdown in the herd and poor if any breeding for some years. If you shoot the Herd stallion in his prime the new herd stallion will kill all the foals in the herd so the mares come on heat and he can then breed his genes into the herd. Also the mares in the herd can take a few years to accept a new herd stallion to breed with. So, Unless these key herd animals are very old then it is ok to hunt them.

They eat msotly grass and need to drink water daily.

An Iconic African hunting species, with very good eye sight so shots are seldom close - 200 yards mostly.

Cape Mountain Zebra have no shadow stripes and no stripes on the belly, orange on the nose.

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