Booking process for Your African Hunting Safari

Contract and Payment

I will email you a Contract for your African hunting safari. This contract must be completed and signed by all persons participating in the safari and e-mailed back to Richard Holmes Safaris as soon as possible together with your payment. The Contract can be seperately returned by each hunter or all on one contract. The 3 pages on the contract to be signed should be scanned or photographed and emailed back, but the other pages please type your info on and email back in a word document, which is in the same format in which you receive the contract from RHS. Richard Holmes Safaris cannot hold a hunt booking unless both of these conditions are met.


Airticket Proof of Payment

Next, proof of payment for your air tickets is required to lock in a booked date. Air tickets should be booked soon after booking, usuallly many months before when you usually get the best rates and emailed to RICHARD HOLMES SAFARIS, or If you have booked your safari only within a short time before your safari date you are still most welcome to get your flights booked and come on your safari booked dates.

Receipt as early as possible by Richard Holmes Safaris of CONTRACT, PAYMENT, FLIGHT BOOKINGS and FULL FLIGHT ITINERARY confirms your South African hunt booking with Richard Holmes Safaris.



All hunts require full amount when booking and upon signature of contract, However if you have booked more than 6 months before your safari then half down on booking and contract and the remaining balance is payable 6 months prior to the safari.

No moneys are refundable, but all moneys paid remain a credit on a booked hunting safari for a year from the postponed / cancelled booking, after this 1 year period the moneys paid will be forfeited.

The prices of the year in which the hunting safari is to take place are payable and credits are transferable to other hunters who take over a cancelled hunt within a year of the cancelled booked dates. See Terms page for monetary penalty for postponing a safari and other terms on cancellations.


Payment Method

Payment ONLY with VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards. No other types of credit cards are accepted.


NOT ACCEPTED -  Cash or traveler’s checks in US $, EURO, GBP Sterling or any Foreign Currency ( Forex ) - these are the LEAST preferable methods of payment, because SA Laws have many requirements for banking forex, bank fees are high, exchange rates are poor, most local banks do not have the facility to accept forex, we are far from any banks, the admin and paperwork process at a bank is extremely time consuming and frustrating with forex bank staff often not there or not knowing how to deal with forex, so cash is a major problem for us.

So please, we ask that you pay all with your Visa or Mastercard Credit card.

Foreign bank transfer fees, fees to use your credit card overseas and currency conversion fees are the client’s own responsibility.


Richard Holmes Safaris has a Bank Account in the USA in Las Vegas with Bank Of America and payments only via wire, electronic, on line or via internet may be done to this account, but this is only for deposits for hunts a year or more out. Contact Richard for details.


Notice for Foreign Bank Transfers and Credit Card Payments

Foreign banks (i.e. USA / European ) charge transfer fees, currency conversion fees, foreign country credit card use fees, and fluctuations in the exchange rate, which the client is responsible for.

Please enquire of your bank for specific fees applicable.


Speciality Items
Specialty foods and drinks are not included in the daily rates but we shall obtain them for you - provided that you notify us well in advance due to our remote locaton.

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