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We are a conservation hunting organization with large numbers of established herds of wild game on vast areas of land. These herds are self replenishing for over 40 years already. With us you will be hunting these wild game herds in their own natural habitat.

We hunt on foot, spot and stalk, walk and stalk or sometimes sit in ambush or crawl but only if you can - no shooting from Vehicles, so we offer real fair chase hunting.

Our established herds are WILD breeding herds of both sexes for very many years already, on large open tracts of natural African habitat, NOT just trophy males brought onto ranches, totally unsure of their new area, just to be shot soon after release, as is done by some other outfitters. No feeding of stimulants, no artificial feed, no medications and no genetic manipulation breeding is done on our game ranch.

We focus on the hunt, the older trophys and the natural habitat management. We do not hunt with a tape because we believe the TOTAL SAFARI and HUNTING EXPERIENCE makes the Trophy game you hunt so special - our track record of trophy quality over very many years speaks for itself with many very happy hunters.

No part of the hunted game animals go to waste : meat, organs, bones are all used.

We are also here to assist you door to door with your African hunting safari - all the way from when you decide to book, from when you leave home and back again as well as caring for your trophys untill they get home. We ensure you are never left alone or wondering - we have people to meet and ASSIST you on arrival in Johannesburg and in Port Elizabeth ( PE ).

Richard Holmes SAFARIS

We have hunted for over 40 years and have walked and stalked game over the whole of the Eastern Cape of South Africa for very many miles guiding hunters !!

Our PH's are experienced, very likeable and we run a dynamic operation.

Africa - South Africa, is a Bewildering idea or concept to come over to hunt....However this idea or concept is the ONLY Hurdle there is which the hunter needs to overcome..... the idea of this unknown foreign place with the misconceptions and sometimes bad press about it. BUT, it is so Normal and Modern and Safe here, you will be surprised and this will be confirmed by ALL our References on this website.


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