Non trophy Hunting and Other Fees 2024



 NON TROPHY FEES  2024   US $ 

Non Trophy Game aren’t always available – it depends if they need to be managed / culled and this need also changes by the year and by the season.

Booking of non trophy game and advance payment of all booked non trophy game is required on booking.

A reminder that any animal not exported out of South Africa 15 % VAT tax must be charged onto the fees below and onto Trophy's fees. Exporting even just one part or some of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged.

Paying the Vat is cheaper than exporting trophies.

Non trophies = Females, young males, males with broken off horn/s & runt / poor quality animals, unless specified below. Skew horns are NOT non trophys.

Females may only be shot in their dry times: when they have no dependant calves.


*Female Can Only be hunted From Mid May to Mid Nov :


*Blesbuck, common,  female / male



*Deer, fallow, female, rarely available


Deer, fallow, male, young, rarely available 


Duiker, grey, male


*Duiker, grey, female


Eland – male / female ( female Feb – July mainly ), rarely available


Gemsbuck, male / female ( female Feb – July mainly ), excludes very big horned female


*Hartebeest, red / cape, female


Hartebeest, red / cape, male


*Impala, female


Impala, male


Kudu, female ( Aug – Jan mainly )                                             


Kudu, male young


Kudu, male adult


Lechwe, red, female ( mainly June – Aug)


Lechwe, red, male young


Lechwe, red, male adult


Nyala, female ( June – Aug mainly )


Nyala, male young


Nyala, male adult


Ostrich, sub adults


*Reedbuck, southern mountain, female


Reedbuck, southern mountain, male, few available




Sable, bull - limited availability


Sable,  cow - limited availability

from 1,000

Springbuck, common, male


Springbuck, common female ( May – July mainly, sometimes Feb - Apr )




Waterbuck, female


Waterbuck, male


Wildebeest, Black female    ( mainly july - mid nov ) 


Wildebeest, Black male, rarely available


Wildebeest, Blue female      ( mainly july - mid nov )


Wildebeest, Blue male, rarely available


Zebra, young




Monkey, vervet , excludes skinning fee


Ground Squirrel, excludes skinning fee


Dassie / Rock Hyrax, excludes skinning fee - limited numbers



Occasionally broken horns or 1 horn game are available, but no guarantee they will be available at the time of your hunt. Females and males also aren’t always available – it depends if they need to be managed / culled and this need also changes by the year and by the season , so Please ask your PH what is available at the time of your hunt.

As many of these could be very old animals – there is no guarantee the hide will be perfect, even after tanning. However, most hides turn out fine but there are some exceptions - this risk is on the hunter. 

Most species for non trophy are female to control population numbers.

Most of the non trophy hunting takes place on our own ranches and the prices printed here are for on our ranches. In the rare event the hunter wants to hunt non trophys on another of our concessions, which are ranches owned by other person/s, the animal fee is higher and game on such other ranches is subject to availability.





Special Game / Quota Species - see Price list page

For Buffalo, Sable and Roan, a percentage of the trophy fee is required upon booking, as a deposit, which will be a credit on the safari of the booked animals hunt.  Cancellation or change of date will result in the loss of the deposit.

All species on this list require advance booking of the species wanted.



Optional Extras

  • Side trips and tours
  • Gratuities / Tips
  • Skinning of certain species for mounting will cost extra, for example small mammals and birds is very delicate work to skin, eg. Monkey $ 50 skinning fee for a full body mount skin.
  • Cell phone rental - see Travel Hints FAQ  Phone, Email & Wifi section for this.
  • If you choose to use a Local Taxidermist other than Taxidermy Africa our storage of your Trophies is limited. We have a permanent long term relationship with Taxidermy Africa they are punctual about picking up your Trophies from us.
  • Any animal or bird wounded and lost at the time your safari ends or shot, accidental or incidental is payable in full, and if NOT exported from South Africa is subject to Value Added Tax of 15 % added onto the trophy/cull fee. (This is South African law)
  • Costs besides the Safari are Taxidermy, trophy export permits, customs trophy clearance fees and shipping of trophys to your home and any pre or post safari hotels, taxis / transport and tips. 
  • Meat is not included in the animal’s price. Meat may not be exported from the country of South Africa. Meat belongs to RHS or the landowner.
  • We have a small shop selling a variety of Karoo products and curios to take home and remind you of us. However any wood, ostrich egg and animal parts ( bone/horn/hoof etc ) must go home with your Trophys as these items require veterinary, tanning and or export permits, i.e. you can't legally take them home with you when you fly home. There is a cost for the curios to be fumigated, tanned and permit fee payable to our local taxidermist.
  • Rifle Rent -  it is best to plan to bring your own rifle/s. Rental available is only one .375 H&H Mag, cost is $ 85 / day and hire includes reasonable amount of ammo.
    A firearm rental day is defined as: If the gun goes out in the truck it has been rented for the day even if no shot has been fired with it or if it does not get used at all.
    • .375 H&H MAG SAKO - for Plains game or Very Large and Dangerous game with wood stock and Muzzle break so recoil is very low - about same as a .30-06. Leupold 2,5 - 8 scope. 200 grain Sierra FN or 235 grain Hornady / Barnes TSX Reloads : 100 yds 2 “ high    &  200 yds  = ZERO.  300 grain ammo suitable for cape Buffalo is also available. 

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