Information about our South African Hunting Safaris

We Offer the best :

  • Real wild hunting, not a shoot
  • No shooting from hunting vehicles
  • Large hunting areas
  • Good, experienced, friendly and easy going PH's
  • Wild natural game herds, not genetically manipulated and not artificially fed
  • Natural wild habitat
  • Accommodations comfortable for all hunters needs
  • Food is excellent
  • Pre and post Safari assistance
  • Fair pricing
  • No hidden costs


Vehicles and Hunting

On your South African hunting safari Richard Holmes Safaris offers only fair chase hunting.  4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers, the ultimate, tough vehicle for AFRICAN conditions, are used to get into the field and locate game.  




 toyota_land_cruiser.jpgtoyota land cruiser

Thereafter walk and stalk, ambush or wait - This is NOT physically difficult as stalks are usually not long.

Rifle shots are taken at an average of 200 yards (180 m), however fairly regularly closer shots present themselves, so please dont panic about the 200 yard average. But Please practice shooting with sticks and bipods, preferabally bipods attached to your rifle, practice at 200 yards (standing and sitting), as that elusive one you Really want may well require this distance !

Your PH ( Professional Hunter ) will not expect you to shoot beyond your comfort range and will attempt to get you within your comfort shooting range, and your PH will get you into a comfortable position to shoot from if you can't crawl or bend , eg. prone or from standing sticks.


Hunting Season

The  hunting season runs from February to November, though we do sometimes take small hunts in Dec and Jan.

Certain species require advance notification to obtain the necessary permits and quotas - see Trophy Fees - ' Special Game' section to avoid disappointment.



We recommend a bolt action rifle, scope of 4-12 or larger, about .30 calibre  with  2 - 3 lbs trigger pull and a 28" Harris Bipod attached to the rifle for plains game hunting.  It is always better to bring your own rifle and the one you have shot game with before, not a brand new rifle.

We have a bench rest and targets for zeroing.  Use soft point bullets.  Solid copper bullets ( FMJ) are not allowed.  Your tried and trusted rifle with which you have shot big game before is the best to bring.

South African Customs will issued you a permit for your firearms on your arrival in Johannesburg.  You must get this permit even if your guns do not arrive with you.  Do not lose this permit.

Locktite all as long distance travel causes screws to come lose ( stock and scope screws = all )

Trophy Handling

Fully trained trackers and skinners are provided.  Trophies are cured - salted, dried and cleaned on the ranch and picked up by our local taxidermist for shipping and/or mounting and secure packing - see


We provide clients with a list of things/equipment to bring and see this and more on Travel Hints FAQ.  Please read and follow all Travel Hints to make your journey and your safari easier.

All export permits, trophy documentation for packing of trophies and freight are arranged by us with a 100% success rate over many years. All your trophies will get home in one piece with no hassles.

Daily Routine

Wake before sunrise.

In the Lodge : Coffee,Tea,Toast, Cereal, Yoghurt, Cheese, Fruit, Salami, Snacks = breakfast, which is self serve, and a full packed brunch / lunch goes out in the truck with hunters each day so you could stay out hunting if you elected to or needed to do so. Mostly go out hunting before sunrise.
Evening = sit-down dinner or BBQ at base LODGE.


Clients will be expected to sign indemnity absolving Richard Holmes Safaris from any accident, illness, loss or damage. All necessary safety precautions will be taken.

Side Trips

For any of our guests who wish to enhance their South African visit or for spouses and other non-hunters we offer a variety of interesting side trips and activities.  Please click here for more info.

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