South African Hunting Safari Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions applicable to South African hunting safaris with Richard Holmes Safaris. 

General Conditions

  • All animals are subject to availability - e.g. the effect of drought etc.
  • All prices are subject to the year in which the safari takes place and possible changes in price.
  • The day you are picked up in Port Elizabeth ( PE ) and the day you are returned to Port Elizabeth are counted as safari days and half daily rates are payable.
  • Small game for mounting purposes must be shot with LOW VELOCITY small calibre or PREFERABLY with low velocity LARGER calibre firearms, eg. heavy .30 calibre rifle bullets work best.
  • Skinning of certain species for mounting will cost extra, for example small mammals and birds, eg. monkey $ 30 skinning fee for a full body mount skin.
  • Quills, feathers, artifacts, rocks, twigs, seeds etc. are biologically, historically and ecologically important to the environment and some are protected under South African heritage laws. There is a charge for any items which are allowed to be taken. Fossils, etchings and some other items are by law not allowed to be taken. Remember that ALL items are subject to export permits. 
  • Minimum safari is 3 hunting days & 4 nights with Richard Holmes Safaris. Most hunts only require 4 - 6 hunting days to fill an average safari bag. 
  • All dipping, packing, transportation and shipping costs of trophies are the client’s responsibility after the safari
  • No refunds are made for late arrivals or early departures.
  • Trophy fees are payable at completion of safari. Wounded and/or lost animals and any animal shot, whether incidental or accidental must be paid for in full. Penalties on top of the animals fees may apply if a wrong animal is shot eg. a female instead of a male, so we ask hunters to be very careful.
  • Daily rates include:
    • PE ( Port Elizabeth ) pick and return, transportation while hunting, services of a Professional Hunter, trackers, skinners, ranch safari staff, accommodation, laundry, meals, alcohol and beverages in moderation (Some alcohol and specialty foods are subject to availability. Please inquire with special requests). Specialty foods and drinks are not included in the daily rates. ( but we will get items for you - so if you want such we need these specifics well in advance of your arrival due to our remote locaton )
  • Payment ONLY with VISA or MASTERCARD credit or debit cards. No other credits card are accepted.
    • Not Accepted : US $, EURO or GBP Stirling or any other foreign currency ( Forex ) traveler’s checks or forex Cash.
    • Foreign bank transfer fees, fees to use you credit card overseas and currency conversion fees are the client’s responsibility.
  • Any animal or bird wounded and lost at the time your safari ends or shot and NOT exported from South Africa is subject to VAT , Value Added Tax of 15 % added onto the trophy / cull / non trophy fee. ( This is South African law ). Any animal not exported out of South Africa 15 % VAT tax must be charged onto the animals fees. Exporting even just one part or some parts of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged.
  • Meat is not included in the game animal’s price. Meat belongs to Richard Holmes Safaris or the landowner/concession. Meat may not be exported from the country of South Africa.
  • Special conditions apply in respect of children, please enquire.
  • Dumarage, storage and any other costs once your Trophies have left Richard Holmes Safaris or the Taxidermsit are for clients account.


Please email RHS all airtickets and full itinery as soon as possible. 

Please Note these links on this RHS website: 

Process to book

  • A contract will be emailed for all on the safari to complete and sign, this contract must be emailed back to RHS with your payment asap, we cannot hold bookings unless both of this happens. Airtickets should also be booked as soon as possible so you get the best Airline rates as booking flights close to your safari usually costs more.
  • Air Tickets should be booked at least 6 months before your safari date and sent to RICHARD HOLMES SAFARIS, BUT If you have booked your safari within only a few months of your safari date you may still get your flights booked and come on your safari's booked dates. 
  • Most package and custom hunts require half, but some require the full amount as deposit when booking dates and the contract is signed. Refer to the deposit required on each Package. The remaining balance, if any, is payable when it suits you but must be before your arrival in South Africa. If you have booked your safari within a few months of your safari date the full package price is usually payable on receipt of your signed contract.  



Once a hunt is booked and a payment is made the hunt can be transferred to other hunters with prior approval of the outfitter RHS.
All moneys paid remain a credit on a safari for a limited period of about 1 to 2 years only, after the original booked dates. After this approximately 1 - 2 year period all deposit money paid will be forfeited. The prices of the year in which the safari takes place are payable, credits are transferable to other hunters who take over a cancelled hunt. Payments on Special / heavily discounted deals will be forfeited on cancellation.

Richard Holmes Safaris and their representatives are not responsible for finding alternative hunters for cancelled hunts.

Date Changes :

In the case of date changes $ 500 will be added to the Package to change a booked date in the same year, subject to other available dates. Should postponement occur into the following year 10 % of the package price will be payable on top of the original package price.


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