Equipment & clothing for a South African Hunting Safari


Print off this list and check the boxes as you pack to ensure nothing gets left behind.

(Remember your clothes are washed daily so you do not need as much as you would think.)

  • 2-3  Long pants - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • 2  Long sleeve shirts - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • 2  Shorts - only for around camp and not in winter ( winter here  is may - july )
  • 2  Short sleeve shirts - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • 3  Socks
  • 3  Sets of underwear
  • 3  Handkerchiefs
  • 1-2  Sweaters - only in winter
  • 1-2 Warm jackets - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • 2 Pair of ankle high or taller, light boots
  • Thin raincoat - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • Gloves/cold weather and leather
  • Balaclava / Ski mask - winter only
  • Traveling outfit
  • Long Johns - only in winter
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gators / leggings for grass seeds - not in Spring ( aug - oct )
  • Locks for your gun cases
  • Plastic , hard, lockable Pistol case for you ammo
  • Ear plugs for flights and shooting
  • Dr Scholls moleskin- in case of a blister
  • 1 spare rifle and scope
  • Bipod for your rifle 28 " attachable and shooting sticks for standing shooting
  • Small back pack - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • 1 Spare rifle
  • 60 - 100 Rounds of Ammo/Rifle, and no FMJ ammo
  • Soft Case/Gun Bag/Sock for travel while hunting.
  • 8 - 10 Power Binoculars-with a bino carry system (Cabelas has them)
  • Small knife
  • A good adjustable gun sling - NO LIGHT COLOURS
  • Ammo pouches for your belt or on your rifle stock
  • String (emergency tying of slings or belts etc)
  • Digital camera plus a large memory card
  • Video camera
  • 110/220 Volt Adaptors-specifically for Africa (220 volt) but most modern appliances these days can take various voltages , which is usually written on the appliance/ device. To charge anything from the USA, you also need the USA 3 pin adaptor/s with 3 PINS to fit into South Africa wall socket - see photo below
  • Sun cream - high SPF

Picutures of multi plug to take USA 2 or 3 pin plug and numerous other countries plugs for your devices - the large 3 pins fit into our SA wall outlets :





Plan your safari for cold weather. The temps at the same time of year in Tanzania compared to the Eastern Cape are completely different. Where in Tanzania it could be very warm, at the same time it may be very cold in the Cape, especially in the mornings.

If you must take shorts, buy the zippered type pants that you can pull the legs on and off. For hunting you will NOT want to wear shorts as the country is rocky and  hard you may have to crawl, if you can crawl. The shorts are for camp, not  in the field here. We CRAWL if you can, but if not your PH will get you in to the game and to the distance you can shoot at.

Again, please plan for it to be cold and if it’s not you can always take cloths off. Think of hunting in the U.S. West in October/November and plan for the same.

Remember, most safaris are held in AFRICA'S winter and it can get cold here. Colors of hunting clothes should be greens, khaki, tans, and desert camo will also work. The dark greens/camo usually worn in the U.S. will stick out in most areas we hunt in South Africa. Light colors are NOT good.


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