Returning home from your South African Hunting Safari

On the way back home, AIRPORT SECURITY will check that your Ammunition ( your hard plastic ammo box which you MUST have and it MUST be lockable) travels separately from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, then again in Johannesburg going back to the United States. Some other airlines may charge you for an extra bag if they want your ammo out of checked bag and you already have your max number of checked bags. This Is Africa / TIA !!

Any wood, ostrich egg and animal parts (bone/horn/hoof etc) must go home with your Trophies as these items require veterinary and or export permits, i.e. you cannot legally take them home with you in your bags. Please note : There is a cost for the curios to be fumigated and a permit fee payable to our local Taxidermist. 

Game meat, biltong (for American readers, this is not the same thing as jerky) and any meat or fresh products may not be taken home with you. 

Now that your safari is over, pack your ammunition, boots and shoes towards the top of your bag for easy access. Once you get to the US / home you may be asked for your footwear so that it can be disinfected as you have been in the ourdoors.

Afton rep will assist you again if you want for a tip when going out and then RHS will make this arrangement for you before your hunt ends. We highly recommend you use afton rep again going out of SA for your own peace of mind.

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