Money hints on a South African Hunting Safari


You will only need to convert about $50 US into Rands cash as most stores in SA accept credit cards.



Payment for your Safari is ONLY with VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards

Richard Holmes Safaris has a Bank Account in the USA in Las Vegas with Bank Of America and wires / electronic online banking payments may also be done to this account, but this is only for deposits for hunts a year or more out. Contact Richard for details.



US $, EURO or GBP Sterling traveler’s checks, or any cash are the least preferable methods of payment.

Specialty foods and drinks are not included in the daily rates but we shall obtain them for you - provided that you notify us well in advance due to our remote locaton.

Foreign bank transfer fees, fees to use your credit card overseas and currency conversion fees are the client’s own responsibility .

Everything can be paid for at the end of your safari with the above 2 type of credit cards i.e. extra animals, side trips, tips, curios etc. It is recommended / MUST DO,  to contact your credit card company and advise them you are traveling to Africa so they will allow these transactions BEFORE you leave home. RHS is not responsible nor liable for added costs by the clients bank  ( eg. currency conversion fees, fees for the use of your card overseas) , nor fluctuations in the exchange rate.



Tipping of the Staff and PH is welcome and appreciated.
Use this recommendation to calculate tips for less days here.
Example of tipping norm for a 10 day safari, which is an 8 day Hunt: $ 900 per hunter ( $ 400 staff + $ 500 minimum  for your PH for 5-8 animals taken – and thereafter work on an additional  $ 100 / animal taken for your PH’s tip, and we recommend $ 400 per non hunter.
Please do NOT give TIPS directly to staff nor to your PH - give all tips to Richard for Proportional and Fair Equitable distribution as there are numerous behind the scenes staff that need to be taken care of. Taking care of all involved, including those staff behind the scenes is the African way and accepted norm here because we work as a team. We have been doing tips this way for many years to the benefit of all involved on our safaris and the smooth running of our operation. My staff and PH’s want tipping done this way.
Our staff (the behind the scenes workers) during your safari, will be hard at work to ensure your stay is a most comfortable experience. There are cooks who prepare your nightly meals along with the food that is in your cool box during the day, there are people who clean your rooms/ make your beds, there are people who collect your laundry daily, wash, press / Iron and return all to you / your room at the end of the day. There are skinners who at times work long into the night preparing your trophies, there are trackers who assist the professional hunters and on and on with other duties you may never notice. Your professional hunter also works long hours overseeing that everything is ready for your daily adventures along with the care of hunting vehicles, your trophies and anything you may require. The PH and trackers will do everything in their powers and knowledge to ensure your safari is a successful and enjoyable one.
Richard converts the tips to Rands cash and within only a day or 2 after your hunt the staff get their tips in cash, so no long wait for their tips and the staff don’t loose out on all the costs : bank fees, bank commissions, taxes, currency conversion fees etc. , and they receive their tips here on the ranch in a safe and secure environment.
Monetary tips, as opposed to items, is most appreciated.
Tips can be paid with credit card preferably, because forex cash, eg. US$ is huge paperwork and timeous process to get banked in South Africa and our ranch is not near any banks. It is illegal for regular residents of South Africa ( SA ) to be in possession of foreign money/forex ( eg. US $) - they must bank it immediately. Staff using the black market for exchanging forex cash puts staff at risk of their safety and it is illegal and dangerous to our staff as they will have to go into bad areas far away from our ranch - we don’t want staff lives put at risk going into those bad areas of the black market. Most of our staff do not have bank accounts, acceptable bank identification nor the time to get to a bank to deposit foreign money.
Very Poor bank rates on forex cash, high bank costs and commission, taxes and high bank currency conversion fees leave staff with very little Rand from the tip if you give them forex directly, therefore we recommend and we all ask you please to give all the tips directly to Richard, preferably on credit card, which you can simply add to your bill at the end of the safari -This will make the process of tipping easier on you as well as the staff.

Tipping of the Staff and PH is welcome and appreciated.


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