Passport & Visa Requirements for South African Hunting Safaris

NB: Do not give any official e.g. SOUTH AFRICAN CUSTOMS,  SAPS officer ( SAPS = South African Police Service = the Police ) , nor any security personel any money – it is illegal. For you own sake, ignore anything like this, as the officials know the law and you giving a bribe makes you as guilty as the person accepting it !!


If you have any trouble like being solicited for a bribe etc, by officials in South Africa and your guns' paperwork, visa if applicable, airplane tickets, etc, and all of your documents etc is all Correct, then you must contact your countries Embassy in South Africa to assist you, and inform the soliciting offical you are contacting your Embassy. So have your embassy phone number, their after hours phone and their email address with you. This is one of the reasons we use Afton Safari Lodge reps, because they protect you from such solicitations, all be it that solicitations for bribes rarely happens. AFTON are in Johannesburg and their rep will meet you on arrival in South Africa.



YOU NEED A PASSPORT!!! Please make sure you have at least three blank pages in your passport before you travel - South Africa requires this. 



US and EU citizens do not require a visa to visit South Africa. However, If you are a citizen of another country a visa MAY BE REQUIRED. Please check this with the State Department

Your travel agent


South African Consulate

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