Phone, Email and Wifi advice on our South African Hunting Safari

Cell phones & Smart Phones work well here in most places for calls and Emails. You should get your phone onto international cell phone service or satellite phones, though these are very costly.


Or you can go to any cell phone shop in the airport (Johannesberg or Port Elizabeth - both have many cell shops in the airport) and they offer many options:

1. Buy a sim card for your own cell phone

2. Rent a cell sim card

3. Rent a phone from airport


Here are some approximate prices for cell phone only ( not smart phones ) from Airport shops:

• Phone rental is $1 US/day

& Call rate is:

• for international. (about 1 US/minute)

Due to the problems with phone lines / service & our office work, there is NO use of our office internet or phone while at the ranch.

One of my hunters here in Oct 2011 got on to  our South African phone service VodaPhone/Vodacom at our Lodge on the Ranch, and he says ‘ my State Side service is with Verizon Wireless and I subscribed to the Global coverage, also I did make sure that I purchased a Global phone so I would be able to use my phone overseas. I was able to text, email and phone. However to avoid large charges I turned off my data momentarily so I could just download emails when I wanted to and not all the time - that gets pricey. ‘



We have free WIFI available at the ranch in certain areas only. Only modern smart phones and laptops will be able to pick up the signal, but Apple devices, phone and ipads do not pick up the signal very well. You need our WIFI Key code to log in, which you can get from Richard or Marion or your PH.

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