2019 Trophy Fees

Daily Rates US $ 2019

1 Hunter + 1 PH                350 per day
2 Hunters + 1 PH 250 each per day
4 Hunters + 2 PH 200 each per day
Non-Hunter 150 each per day


Arrival and Departure days are charged as Safari days and full daily rates are payable, eg. a 10 day safari is an 8 day hunt and 10 days daily rates will be charged.


Hunting Trophy Fees Common Game US $ 2019


Species US$
Blesbuck, Common ( White $ 700 ) 400
Deer, Fallow - antlers feb to june only & small antlers here 600

Duiker, Grey - best june to sept

Gemsbuck cows or bulls 900
Hartebeest, Red or Cape 800
Impala 400
Ostrich 500
Reedbuck, Southern Mountain 300
Springbuck, South African Common ( Black $ 500 ) 300
Steenbuck 400
Wildebeest, Black (white tailed Gnu) 800
Wildebeest, Blue (brindled Gnu) 800
Zebra, Burchells 1,200


Hunting Trophy Fees - Special Game US $ 2019

Trophy fees for the below game species are subject to LIMITED quotas, permits/licences and bookings at our concessions – hunting properties not owned by RHS . To avoid disappointment for a hunt date on the concession/s and to get permits it is NECESSARY to book these species below at least 3 MONTHS before your safari.


Species US$
Bontebok, subject to import permit from    1,500
Buffalo, Cape P.O.R
Eland, Cape       from    2,000
Giraffe, plus additional fee - see skinning note below           from    2,600
Klipspringer - very limited numbers and few permits available     1,500
Kudu, East Cape - smaller than Greater Kudu                     1,200
Lechwe, Red             1,500
Nyala, Southern            2,000
Rhebok, Vaal / Grey ( june, july mainly, limited permits available )     1,500
Roan P.O.R
Sable P.O.R
Springbuck, Kalahari              600
Waterbuck            1,700
Zebra, Cape Mountain, subject to import permit

from   2,500



Sometimes it may be that the trophy fee is higher on certain other landowners hunting concessions,  on certain species, but the choice to hunt on such concession areas rests with the hunter if we are out of quota on our property.

Giraffe have a very sensitive skin/ hide and requires collection in the field right after hunting by our Local taxidermist to prevent hair slip and assistance with skinning in the field. This additional collection and skinning fee cost is about $ 250 on top of the trophy fee. This fee is payable to our Taxidermist once you get his bill for all the other trophys on your hunt.

A reminder that any animal not exported out of South Africa 15 % VAT tax must be charged onto Trophy fee. Exporting even just one part or some of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged.

If you choose to use a Local Taxidermist other than Taxidermy Africa our storage of your Trophies is limited. We have a permanent long term relationship with Taxidermy Africa and they are punctual about picking up your Trophies from us so please Click on their link for more info about them and their contact email is  info@taxidermyafrica.com


Costs besides the Safari are :

Taxidermy, Trophy export permits, Customs trophy clearance fees and Shipping of trophys to your home, click here for this info and cost examples : Taxidermy and Shipping

Pre or post safari - hotels, meals, taxis / transport , allow for approx $ 150 per hunter.

Tips - click here for recommendations and info : Tipping

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