Bill Keenan and Family Safari

Friday, 20th July 2012

Bill, his wife Meganne and 2 adult children, Carly and William ( Mike), from Redwood city, CA  USA, are on their safari, arriving here safely with all bags, guns etc intact and no problems on their trip.

They took a tour via Cape Town and the Garden route to PE in a rental car before they arrived here.

11 July 2012 :

Bill took a very nice common Blesbok and Mike an excellent Springbok and common Blesbok.

12-15 July 2012 :

Carly has taken Common and Black Springbucks & Mike a Black Springbuck and a Great Blue Wildebeest.

 Bill added to the bag today with a Great Gemsbok ( Kalahari Oryx ) !

16-17 July 2012 :

Carly got a Big Zebra & Mike an Impala.

18 July 2012 :

Carly found a Fresh Wild Ostrich egg while out hunting. We got it open and contents ready for a delicious breakfast ! It is very rare to find a wild fresh egg - first you have to see if it sinks in water, then it is fresh ( a rotten egg will float ), next put a flash light under egg in a dark room and if there is an embryo it will be visible. A fresh egg also has a shinny sheen to the surface. this one is perfectly fresh ! A nest was not robbed- this you do at your PERIL- this egg was found just laying out in the veld - the hens are beginning to look for nest sites now ( just a scrape in the dirt ) but since it has rained a lot they cannot find suitable nest spots yet so when you gotta lay you gotta lay !

Mike bagged 2 Egyptian Geese which will be nice mounts - we dont have many geese here so Mike got lucky.

Bill got his Kudu - a nice bull and that ended the safari - a good bag of 11 Trophys

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