John Hine Safari 2019

Wednesday, 29th May 2019

John sent a very nice thank you letter - see below. John had a great hunt and enjoyed his 3rd safari with us, hunting a lot on foot, stalking game, just how he likes it ! John also hunted a Gemsbok, Blesbuck and numerous Springbuck. He has hunted a great old Blue Wildebeest trophy bull ! John arrived safely and is now hunting for his first day.

John will be here today for his hunt. This will be his 3rd trip with us ! He is from the UK.


From: John Hine []
Sent: 29 May 2019 06:59 PM
To: 'Richard Holmes Safaris'
Subject: May hunt 2019

Hi Richard

Just wanted to say thanks for a great hunt this year, best so far I think. John is a great guy and good company to be around and I have to say he worked damn hard to get me the blue and gemsbok, please pass on my thanks to him and tell him I am looking forward to hunting with him again next year.

Not sure how things will work out for a 2020 family vacation but one way or another I am planning to visit again. Probably next hunt I will extend my stay by a couple of days. I will be in touch over the next couple of months.

Catch you soon and stay safe, John .

blue wildebeestblue wildebeest

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