USA Hunter here again

Wednesday, 5th June 2019

60 animals in 8 days by 1 hunter - a great culling job well done !! 57 Animals by 1 Hunter in 7 days !!  49 animals taken in 5 hunting days by 1 hunter - going great ! 39 Animals taken in 4 full hunting days by our Hunter. Some long Range shooting on this cull - Record shot on a Springbok is 1550 yards. Mountain Reedbuck now also culled. 36 Animals hunted by this afternoon on day 4 by 1 hunter !

Blesbok also now hunted. 31 Animals, 1 Hunter , 3 days !!  Waterbuck, Impala and more Springbok now hunted. At the end of day 2 Brian has hunted 20 animals ! Nyala, Gemsbok , Blue Wildebeest and Zebra now also hunted. Brian had a good first morning hunting Black Wildebeest, Ostrich and many Springbok, and in the afternoon he got Hartebeest and more springbok, a total of 13 animals for his first day ! Brian arrived safely with the usual great help with rifles and ammo by Mr. X and Afton house in Joberg !  Our regular returning hunter, Brian from the USA, will be with us again for another safari tomorrow. He has hunted with us many times in the past. He has a bag of over 50 animals to hunt in his package !

nyala femalenyala female
blue wildebeest cowblue wildebeest cow
zebra with PH Lalasezebra with PH Lalase
gemsbok with PH Lalasegemsbok with PH Lalase

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